Live Webinar on Your Bank's IT Outsourcing Challenge

Your Bank’s IT Outsourcing Challenge – Finding an economical, reliable and scalable solution.

Your bank has high expectations for your IT staff. They support your employees, implement and maintain your technology, act as strategic IT advisors, keep up with changing regulations, maintain software patches, antimalware software and the list keeps on growing!

It is a difficult task to ask of any IT team, regardless of how big or small.  With so much at stake and facing challenges with talent acquisition and budgeting, banks have been turning to outsourcing for help on keeping up with it all. So where do you begin? What do you need to look for in an IT outsourcing partner? Is there an app for this?

In this webinar, we will discuss what banks are doing today, what to anticipate when conducting a search, how to articulate what is important for your bank when evaluation outsourcing options, and how a cutting edge software and service solution provides efficiencies and cost savings for your bank.

Agenda Topics Include:

  • Outsourcing as a viable option regardless of bank size
  • Leveraging an outsource partner to develop, enhance and improve your internal IT staff
  • How Safe Systems’ NetComply One solution works
  • The positive impact NetComply One has on current customers
  • Sample reports and documentation provided in NetComply One